Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Trees

i have lived in Florida for the past 13 years. Before then, I was a Buckeye!!!

I do recall living in Ohio, that fall was one of my favorite seasons. Florida fall.....well..... it doesnt exsist. Sure there are a few leaves that change. Halloween, one of my top favorite holidays, is still celebrated. There is a pie festival and fall music concerts at schools and pumpkins grown for carving and eating.

BUT.... there is no need to rake leaves. No need to wear the first layer of warm sweaters. The apple cider smell coming from the kitchen is from a yankee candle and not the stove.

Driving thru the mid west this past week. I SAW fall!!! The fall I remember. Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green. Fall was all around me as I drove thru North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Fall as a kid was fantastic. We all hated when our chore for the weekend was to rake the fallen leaves. My brother and sister and I would hate to do it. We didnt have a huge front yard, but the back yard was at least half a football field. Well maybe not, but i remember it being that big. Once the leaves were raked into a HUGE pile in the front yard, we would dive off the porch into them. Flying off the steps, we would just hope to not land on a random stick or sharp stem. Landing in the pile of leaves, being covered by them and the dirt that came with them was the best feeling ever.

So... Florida friends... lets find a big pile of leaves to rake up and jump in! it will be the best fall memory you ever have!

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