Wednesday, February 17, 2010

its the little things

My rooommates parents are here from NY. Gus turns 80 tomorrow. He LOVES to cook for us and tell us stories about his life and what he has learned from his life. He will be the first to admit his mistakes and wants everyone to know what his "mountain top" experience was that turned him around and made him a good man.
These are the best times in life right now. Sharing a home cooked meal- boxed wine- (yes even for a wino like me) and telling stories. Sharing our ups and downs and knowing that there is no judgement within the room.
May everyone be so lucky to have a family of friends like I do.
And remember to always ask yourself--- What have I learned? What do I feel about this? What suprised me about it?
Thanks Gus & Beverly- stay as long as you'd like!