Monday, August 3, 2009

to new york or not to new york

At least once a year for the past 16 years, I have thought about moving to new york city.
To do theatre- study music- be in a more interesting place- follow a boy: those were the reasons I had considered moving there.
Today, I think I have made my decision- not to new york.
Its not that I couldn't make it, don't want to make it, or don't fantastically adore the city-
But I just don't think that new york is calling my name. And if it is... Its too faint to hear right now above the call of chicago.
I think that's where I may end up next.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the city that never sleeps....

The city that never sleeps. I sure have been sleeping well in this city. It may be that a few drinks every night helps relax and send me to dreamland.
However, the more I look around- the city may not sleep, but its people sure do. On the subway, in the park, on the street corner, in the applebees on time square.
People are sleeping.
There is so much here:opportunity, restaurants, pigeons.I guess they just get worn out and catch a nap whenever they can.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Beds make me happy. There are lots of reasons why. Mostly cause they enforce laziness. They are soft, always inviting. They are there when u need them. They keep u warm when u are cold, comfort u when u are sad- offer a place to be when u need to 'love' another.
Beds are what u need them to be whenever u need them to be it.
I am currently in love with the bed in my hotel.
The westminster hotel in livingstin nj.
A king size, squeeshy wonderfulness of a bed. With 4 yummy marshmallow pillows that support every part of meam
I wonder how hard it would be to ship this bed back to orlando....
I love beds ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm a travelin' man

Ok, so I'm not a man- but there are a lot of business-types sitting here waiting to share the flight to new jersey with me. Then there are kids and more kids and more kids.
I sometimes sit and wonder where the people waiting in the airport are going.
Are they headed home? Heading to visit family? Are they happy they are traveling? Or do they have to get on the plane because they are leaving loved ones or going to put loved ones to rest?
The business men are all equiped with carry on and laptop in tow. Are they as important as they look? Or are the lowly retail buyers like myself forced to go visit vendors and clients to make their next fiscal year more successful than the last one?
I wonder what they would say if I asked? So what do you do? Why is it that you look so important?
I wonder what I would say if I was asked.
"Going to visit a rock/mineral vedor for new product for my store" is not really an interesting answer. Though one that would end the conversation fairly quick if that's what I wanted.
I guess one could really be anything they wanted to be when a stranger asked, "so what do you do?"
I could be one of the many things I am. Or I could make up any story I wanted, provided I had some knowledge of it so I could have some sort of conversation and not look a fool.
But today- I think I will just read and ignore those around me.
And wonder about them instead- wonder about where they are going and why today they are travelin' men.